Saturday, August 3, 2013

Moroccan Carrot Summer Soup

The perfect pureed soup

The shout out:

After a brutal work week, Friday night called for a fresh and rewarding meal, but nothing too complex. I was looking for a simple vegan soup to throw together in under an hour - something I could quickly whip up, throw on the stove and leave to its own devices while I...

...laid prostrate on the kitchen floor?
Remember that Jewel song "You Were Meant for Me"?
That's how I feel about this vegan carrot soup...

(Really, I work in a Creative department full of beautiful, talented characters. But our 40 hours together this week were trying.)

Thumbing through my recipe library, i.e. my Pinterest page, Moroccan Carrot Summer Soup by Meet the Shannons popped out: the color, the texture, the blessed fact that there are only two main ingredients: carrot and onion. 

And so it was. Not only did I have an excuse to buy a loaf of crusty bread, sprouts and heirloom tomatoes for a little side snack, I got to use my immersion blender, god's gift to soups everywhere.

With under 20 minutes of prep and a few inconsequential minutes of a bubbling pot doing its thang, vegan carrot soup never tasted so good. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. The simplicity of this was great. I made this last week and I think the leftovers continue to get better and better. I had to substitute the red onion for yellow and it worked out fine. Love any chance to use that immersion blender (thanks M&D! haha)